News from our colleges

To start the new year, we are sharing some news from the various Adventist colleges associated with Europe!


Ukrainskiy Adventistskiy Centr Vishchoi Osvity (Ukraine)

16 new theology students joined the Centre this year, making 52 students altogether in full time of education. Besides this 49 students are currently enrolled in a master’s degree accredited by Andrews University.


Zaokskaya Adventistkaya Akademiya i Institut (Russia)

This year Zaoksky welcomed 15 new theology students. Currently there ar e52 students are enrolled in all theology courses. Unfortunately, Zaoksky’s face to feace teaching we in Moldova, the Ukraine, and Kazakhstan had to be put on hold.

B.D. Protasevich, the Rector of Zoaksky, recently took part in an international conference on Theology in the scientific and educational space. After the conference, the rector gave an interview to discuss topical issues related to theology as a scientific field.

On November 4 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with representatives of various faiths, including a representative of the Adventist Church. Vladimir Putin was invited to the University.


Villa Aurora (Italy)

“I will go – Manda me” is the motto chosen by Villa Aurora for the academic year 2020-2021, which follows the motto of the General Conference strategic plan “I will go 2020”. The Adventist Institute of Biblical Culture (IACB) took its first steps in Florence in 1940, in the middle of World War II, so in this year 2020 it turns 80 years old.

The beginning of the new academic year took place under the banner of Covid-19 prevention: safety measures, distances, preventive quarantines and, starting from mid-November, a new lockdown in Tuscany with distance learning.

Despite these problems, with all the related repercussions – including economic ones – there is a lot of good news. In fact, this year there are 11 ACA students, a number that goes far beyond our expectations given the gravity of the Covid-19 situation in the USA. In addition, there are 5 new students for the faculty of theology (23 students in total). Furthermore, from January an entirely online master’s degree program will start, which will allow us to acquire 8 more students, almost all of them non-Adventists. Also from January, thanks to the means we have equipped for distance learning, we are able to carry out the second semester of the three-year degree both in presence, for students on campus, and in videoconference, for students enrolled at a distance, what which will allow us to have two more students. All these innovations are signs of God’s blessing and give us hope for the future of this institution.

Villa Aurora thanks Miguel Gutierrez, who for many years taught the Old Testament at our faculty, and who has been serving in the Dominican Republic since September. Nestor Petruk, a former teacher in Sagunto, took his place, to whom we send our best wishes.


Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen (Austria)

Bogenhofen welcomed 15 new students this year, bringing the total to 38.


Adriatic Union College Maruševec (Croatia)

On the graduation weekend, 10-11 October 2020, seven MTS students from Adriatic Union College (Marusevec) received their diplomas at the graduation ceremony held on the campus of Friedensau Adventist University. Even though due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions only four students were able to attend the ceremony in person the graduation weekend provided the rewarding and joyful conclusion of their six years long studies. The remining twelve students in that program are expected to graduate in 2021.  Since 2014. Adriatic Union College in cooperation with Friedensau Adventist University has run part-time MTS program designed to provide pastoral education for ministers and lay members of the Adriatic Union of Churches and the South-East European Union. In the words of many graduates this collaborative educational project is a testament to the importance and relevance of the Adventist theological education for pastors and lay members alike.

In the academic year 2020/2021 the Adriatic Union College  has enrolled three full-time students in BA in Theology and twelve part-time students in BA in Religion program. The study program designed for part-time students is only offered online with the purpose of providing spiritual nourishment and Adventist theological education to the non-ministerial students. The primary aim of this program is to strengthen the lay members involvement in the church life while providing a distinctive Adventist vision of theological education and mission.

Spes Christiana volume 31 issue 2, December 2020

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Spes Christiana

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Reinder Bruinsma
First Published December 2020; pp. 3-4


Is the Adventist Hermeneutical Approach to Daniel and Revelation Changing?

Reinder Bruinsma
First Published December 2020; pp. 5-24

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The 1872 Declaration of Fundamental Principles:
On the Contextual-Theological Significance of Adventism’s First Statement of Beliefs

Stefan Höschele
First Published December 2020; pp. 25-46

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Robert Sloan Donnell: From Righteousness by Faith to
Sinless Perfection

André Reis
First Published December 2020; pp. 47-84

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Preparing Converts for the Second Coming of Christ: The Encounter of Seventh-day Adventist Missionaries with Indigenous Issues in Nigeria from 1900 to the 1940s

Chigemezi Nnadozie Wogu
First Published December 2020; pp. 85-102

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Forgotten Scriptures: Allusions to and Quotations of the Apocrypha by Ellen White

Matthew J. Korpman
First Published December 2020; pp. 109-146

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The Prophet as a Model of a Spiritual Leader

Miguel Gutierrez
First Published December 2020; pp. 147-160

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The Laws of Nature: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives of Evil in Nature

Radiša Antić
First Published December 2020; pp. 161-180

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Book Reviews

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: It’s Impossible to Be Spiritually Mature, while Remaining Emotionally Immature
Peter Scazzerro.
Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017. 240pp.

Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World
A.J. Swoboda.
Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2018. 256pp.

Das geheiligte Leben: Körper und Identität bei den Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten
Christian Feichtinger.
Gottingen: V&R unipress, 2020. 241pp.

Towards an Adventist Version of Communio Ecclesiology: Remnant in Koinonia
Tihomir Lazić.
Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. 314pp.

God’s Character and the Last Generation
Jirí Moskala and John C. Peckham, eds.
Nampa: Pacific Press, 2018. 286pp.

Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels
Barry Beitzel.
Bellingham, Lexham, 2017. 583pp.

Saying No to God: A Radical Approach to Reading the Bible Faithfully
Matthew J. Korpman.
Quoir, 2019. 356pp.

God, Sky and Land: Genesis 1 as the Ancient Hebrews Heard It.
God, Land, and the Great Flood: Hearing the Story with 21st-Century Christian Ears.
God, Genesis and Good News: God, the Misreading of Genesis, and the Surprisingly Good News
Brian Bull and Fritz Guy.
Roseville, Adventist Forum, 2011/2017/2019. 190/211/201pp.

Dynamic Truth (Rolf Pöhler) republished

In 2018, the first volume of ADVENTISTICA – New Series, entitled Perceptions of the Protestant Reformation in Seventh-day Adventism was published. Early this year, it was followed by Contours of European Adventism: Issues in the History of the Denomination on the Old Continent, discussing historical, missiological, theological, and socio-political issues that coloured the life of the SDA church in Europe.

In August, the third volume of the book series will be obtainable. It is a reprint of Rolf Pöhler’s doctoral dissertation on “Change in Seventh-day Adventist Theology.” Originally edited by UMI in the USA and later published by Peter Lang in two volumes, it is now out of print. Being the first and most comprehensive study so far of doctrinal continuity and change from an Adventist perspec­tive, it is still used as textbook in Adventist schools. The 464-page tome with almost 1200 footnotes is entitled Dynamic Truth: A Study of the Problem of Doctrinal Development. The bibliography comprises 600 books, 40 theses and dissertations, over 1100 articles and 100 letters and manuscripts. In view of recent developments and trends in Adventism, the book is still timely and eye-opening.  In spite of its size, the price is the same as that of the other two volumes.

To order, write to (€19.90 | 27.00 incl. international shipping), go to Amazon.