Collonges appoints new staff

The theological faculty at Collonges (France) has appointed Dr Daniela Gelbrich and Dr. Edwin Sully Payet.

Dr Gelbrich has previously taught Old Testament and Hebrew in Bogenhofen (Austria, 2004-2005 and 2018-2019), Collonges (2011-2012) and Friedensau (2012-2016). She also served as director of Institut de français langue étrangère (Collonges, 2009-2011) and of Adra Suisse (2019). Gelbrich holds a PhD in History from the Ecole pratique des hautes études, Paris (2009).

Dr Payet holds a doctorate in theology (AIIAS) and he currently teaches at Université Adventiste Zurcher in Madagascar. He has served four years as a pastor in the Reunion Conference in the Indian Ocean Division, and also as theology teacher in Université Adventiste Zurcher, Madagascar, for nine years. He enjoyed teaching and transmitting the passion of the ministry to future pastors. Dr Payet will teach theology in Collonges starting on January 2021.

Dr Gabriel Monet has been reappointed as Dean of the Faculté adventiste de théologie of Collonges (France) for a new three-year term. The faculty members are grateful for the work he has already accomplished and look forward to keep working with him in future and wish him all success in his second term.

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