Dynamic Truth (Rolf Pöhler) republished

In 2018, the first volume of ADVENTISTICA – New Series, entitled Perceptions of the Protestant Reformation in Seventh-day Adventism was published. Early this year, it was followed by Contours of European Adventism: Issues in the History of the Denomination on the Old Continent, discussing historical, missiological, theological, and socio-political issues that coloured the life of the SDA church in Europe.

In August, the third volume of the book series will be obtainable. It is a reprint of Rolf Pöhler’s doctoral dissertation on “Change in Seventh-day Adventist Theology.” Originally edited by UMI in the USA and later published by Peter Lang in two volumes, it is now out of print. Being the first and most comprehensive study so far of doctrinal continuity and change from an Adventist perspec­tive, it is still used as textbook in Adventist schools. The 464-page tome with almost 1200 footnotes is entitled Dynamic Truth: A Study of the Problem of Doctrinal Development. The bibliography comprises 600 books, 40 theses and dissertations, over 1100 articles and 100 letters and manuscripts. In view of recent developments and trends in Adventism, the book is still timely and eye-opening.  In spite of its size, the price is the same as that of the other two volumes.

To order, write to ias@thh-friedensau.de (€19.90 | 27.00 incl. international shipping), go to Amazon.

Call for Papers: Spirituality

The 2021 Spring issue of our journal will be (mostly) devoted to one specific theme, namely SPIRITUALITY.  We welcome articles on one of the many aspects of this topic, which may be approached from many different angles: biblically, theologically, phenomenologically, historically, (auto-)biographically, etc. 

In view of the special character of our society and of our journal, we hope that we will receive some contributions that are directly related to our denomination—to Adventist history, Adventist biblical and theological views, and Adventist communal and private worship.

The deadline for submissions for the Spring 2021 issue is February 1.

Guidelines for articles for our peer-reviewed journal may be found on this website: http://www.eastrs.org/spes-christiana/

If you are planning to contribute an article, please let us know soonest (preferable before November 1). Of course, you may also contact us, if you have any queries.

Reinder Bruinsma, general editor  – reinder@bruinsmas.com

Kerstin Maiwald, managing editor and book review editor –  kerstin.maiwald@thh-friedensau.de