Newbold Academic Press founded

Ijourneys-wisdomn the previous months Newbold College of Higher Education has been working behind the scenes to found Newbold Academic Press (NAP). This aims to further the College’s objective of providing quality learning and teaching through the provision of Christian higher education by publishing a variety of titles from Newbold lecturers as well as internationally-respected Adventist authors.

‘Newbold College of Higher Education,’ writes Dr John Baildam, Principle, ‘has recently set up its very own Newbold Academic Press, with a view to encouraging colleagues and the friends of the College to produce regular publications of staff research, essays, papers, and monographs under the NAP label.’

The first book published by NAP is a Festschrift for long-time lecturer Michael Pearson. Entitled Journeys to Wisdom it contains sixteen articles written by colleagues from Europe and further worldwide. The Festschrift is for sale at

Read more on Newbold College’s website.

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