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Newbold Academic Press will publish the proceedings of the 2015 European Theology Teachers Convention.


Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda

Since the last General Conference Session in 2010, ‘revival’ and ‘reformation’ have become crucial words in the church vocabulary, two leading principles which should sustain its thinking and mission at any level.

What is the task and responsibility of the didaskaloi in this process of aggiornamento?

Ellen White opened a challenging way:

‘We have many lessons to learn, and many, many to unlearn’ (Ellen G. White, Review and Herald, 26/07/1892).

What do we have to learn and to unlearn in the fields of Biblical Studies, Systematics, and Practical Theology?
What should be the leading methodological principles at work in this on-going and never-ending process?

Revival and reformation cannot be a mere repetition of the past.

The challenge of this conference is to explore and discuss new ways of teaching theology that would help the church in its specific European context, to develop and to grow.

Call for papers for the presenters

Please submit the final version of your presentation by 30 September 2015, at the latest. If you are ready to submit, please do it now. It will facilitate our work.

Call for papers for the other participants

If your paper has not been presented, or if you have a topic in close connection with the theme of the convention (Ecclesia reformata semper reformanda – to learn/to unlearn), please submit by 30 September 2015.

General informnation

  1. All papers submitted shall be peer-reviewed.
  2. All papers shall be in close connection with the theme of the convention (see above).
  3. All papers shall be written in British-English.
  4. All papers shall to be duly footnoted and academically sound.
  5. MHRA academic style shall be applied for the footnotes and the bibliographical references.
  6. Abbreviations shall follow the SBL style.
  7. Bible version: preferably NRSV.
  8. No transliteration but Hebrew or Greek font when needed.
  9. All papers shall be send as Word documents and PDF. No special formatting please.

We will work within a strict calendar, which means: no submission on time – no publication.

Release scheduled by 16 December 2015.

Submissions can be made to dr Jean-Claude Verrecchia.

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