ETTC programme

The European Theology Teachers Conference for 2021 will be held online. All EASTRS members are welcome to attend.

The theme is extremely current: Challenges of the Post-Corona World: Responding to Ethical, Sociological, Ecological and Digital Issues


All attendees should register via Eventbrite. Please register here.


All times are UK times.

Thursday 25 March

17:00 Keynote address
Luca Marulli (Collognes)
19:00 End of day

Friday 26 March

8:40 Devotional
Ana Džuver (Adriatic Union College)
09:00 Sigve Tonstad (Loma Linda)
Covid-19: Agony and Opportunity
Download presentation
Steven Thompson (Avondale)
The Future of Buying and Selling According to Revelation in Light of Covid-19
10:00 Break
10:15 Reinder Bruinsma (Netherlands Union)
Does Covid-19 Qualify as a Sign of the Times?Download paper version
Gifford Rhamie (Newbold College)
The Racial Pandemic of Ignorance: What is Europe?
11:15 EASTRS Business Meeting
12:15 Lunch
14:00 Laurentiu Mot (Cernica)
The Great Reset Between Utopia and Programmatic Prophecy in Light of Johannine Apocalyptic Eschatology
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Hanz S. Gutierrez (Villa Aurora)
Viral Theology: Ecology, Multiculturalism, Body and God. Towards a Post-Confessional Religiosity
Elias Brasil de Souza (Biblical Research Institute):
Relevance and Implications of Joel’s Message for the Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Aftermath
15:30 Break
17:00 Friday vespers
18:30 Fellowship
19:00 End of day

Sabbath 27 March

09:00 Sabbath school
Rebirth of Planet Earth
10:00 Worship Service
What Do You Do When Your World Changes? (Laurence Turner)
11:00 Lunch
14:00 Subgroup discussions
15:00 Closing remarks
15:30 End of conference