About Us

The European Adventist Society of Theology and Religious Studies (EASTRS) is a scholarly society for the Adventists academics in all fields of religion. It is open to scholars with a master’s or doctoral degree, from one of the  European regions of the Adventist church and, for historical reasons, in the Middle East region. Individual membership can be granted by the Executive Committee upon invitation or upon request.

The EASRS holds bi-annual meetings at the European Theology Teachers Convention.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the EASTRS read as follows:

  1. Promote sound biblical scholarship and encourage research;
  2. Facilitate the publication of academic theological literature;
  3. Interact with Bible scholars and theologians beyond the Seventh-day Adventist tradition;
  4. Foster dialogue among Adventist theologians in Europe and beyond;
  5. Facilitate exchanges between the different Adventist institutions in Europe;
  6. Maintain a directory of Adventist scholars in theology and religious studies in Europe;
  7. Circulate information concerning publications of its members, research projects, etc.;
  8. Publish information in a regular newsletter; and
  9. Supervise the organisation of the European Theology Teachers Convention/General Meeting in consultation with the Euro-Asia Division (ESD), Inter-European Division (EUD), and Trans-European Division (TED).