European Theology Teachers’ Conference 2021

The European Theology Teachers’ Conference will be held 24-28 March 2021 in Pécel, Hungary. Newbold College of Higher Education will be responsible for the academic side of the the conference. They have produced the following call for papers:

Challenges of the Post-Corona World: Responding to Ethical, Sociological, Ecological and Digital Issues

The global Corona pandemic has impacted daily life of people world-wide. Borders have closed, cities have shut down, economies have stalled, millions have lost their jobs and thousands have died. The 2021 European Theology Teachers Conference asks for reflective contributions on responding to the challenges of COVID-19 and on the changes that the pandemic has brought about. Submissions may be in any discipline of EASTRS, including biblical studies, pastoral studies and practical theology, historical theology and church history, systematics and biblical theology, ethics, and sociology of religion.

The challenges and responses to the pandemic are immeasurable. We are open to any topic that falls within the fields of the theology and religious studies and welcome all perspectives on these topics. We are specifically interested in the following topics, but these are not an exhaustive list:

Ethical issues

What ethical issues has Corona caused or highlighted?
Topics could include: Life-and-death decisions, access to health or pastoral care, inequality, altruism and egotism, and the problem of evil.

Sociological issues

How has Corona affected society and which sociological issues were exacerbated by the pandemic?
Topics could include: Class issues, privilege and the lack thereof, access to health care and education, homelessness, (social) justice, political responses and policies, secular and religious leadership and responsibilities, freedom, social distancing, anxiety and psychology.

Ecological issues

What ecological possibilities and challenges has Corona brought forward?
Topics could include: Environmental impact, reclaiming nature, reduced pollution, stewardship, personal and public health.

Digital issues

How has the necessity of (only) digital communication impacted religious experience and thought?
Topics could include: Digital ecclesiology, online churches, digital liturgy, digital community, government use of technology, and disability.

We welcome 300-word abstracts. These can be sent to Tom de Bruin.

CFP–Institute of Adventist Studies: Contours of European Adventism

Call for papers

Third International Symposium, ThH Friedensau, Institute of Adventist Studies, April 23–26

Contours of European Adventism: Issues in the History of the Denomination on the Old Continent 

You are welcome to submit an abstract (100 to 150 words) of a proposed 30-minute paper until November 20, 2017. Papers should address one of the themes listed below in a historical perspective. Case studies are welcome; suggest an additional topic if you are an expert on it. All presenters are requested to consent to two avenues of publication: (1) the symposium pro­ceedings, and (2) the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists.


Paper Topics and Areas

European Adventists and the Public

  • European Adventists in Public Life
  • European Adventists and Environmentalism
  • Seventh-day Adventists and Military Service in Europe
  • The European Union and the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Adventist Martyrs in Europe
  • European Adventists and Postmodernism/Post-Christian European Culture
  • Adventists and Socialist Governments in Europe

European Adventists and “the Others”

  • European Adventists and the Free Churches
  • State Churches in Europe and Seventh-day Adventists
  • Bible Translation and Europe Seventh-day Adventists
  • Adventism and Ethnic Diversity in Europe
  • European Adventists and Migration

European Adventists and the Adventist Tradition

  • Ellen White and Europe
  • Contextualization in European Adventism
  • European Adventist Evangelism
  • Potluck, Sabbath School, Worship: Performance & Praxis in Europe
  • Adventist Welfare Service Europe
  • European Adventist Missions and Missionaries
  • Sabbath-Keeping: Challenges and Developments in Europe
  • Adventist Hymnody in Europe: National / Regional Case Studies


Read the full Call for Papers here.

Call for papers: ETTC 2017

Every two years the EASRS gathers in a general meeting. The next meeting is planned for April 19–23 2017. The host institution is Friedensau university in Germany.

The theme will be: On the Freedom of a Christian: Human Accountability and Liberty in the Light of the Reformation.

Short paper session contributions are very welcome. They should address the main theme: ‘Human Accountability and Liberty’. Abstracts of no more than 150 words can be set to by January 4, 2017.

Download the call for papers here.