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June 28, 2015_1Mixed emotions fill the hearts of the Middle East University family as they bid farewell to the 2014-2015 Academic Year and all that it entailed. It was a year of change and growth. It was a year of hope and new friendships, of reminiscence, forward thinking, and nostalgically looking at the past. 

On June 28th, 47 graduates marched across the stage and received their degrees from Middle East University. The majority of the graduates come from the Faculty of Business Administration with 21 BBA and 4 MBA diplomas. From the Faculty of Arts and Sciences one graduated with a BA in English, four with a BS in Computer Science, one BA in Graphic Design and three BS in Graphic Design and Digital Media. From the Faculty of Education one undergraduate graduated with a BA+TD in Elementary Education and Teaching Diploma and two with a TD. In the Graduate program 7 students graduated with an MA in Education and three with an MAT.

August 30, 2015_1The keynote speaker for the event, H.E. Ibrahim Kanaan, the Chair of the Finance and Budget Commission of the Lebanese Parliament, challenged the graduates that they now possessed the necessary tools and education to help make Lebanon a great nation. Kanaan also emphasized MEU’s cultural diversity as being its most significant achievement.

“Honorable guests, I’m very proud to wear this outfit today and to be at this gathering with all this diversity under the Lebanese flag,” began the prominent politician. “MEU is one of the oldest universities, but what does it mean to be an old university? It means that you have faith, history, and partnership through diversity.”

H.E. Kanaan has also contributed to the establishment of the Lebanese-British Association for Civil Liberties in Lebanon. It was our pleasure to welcome him to the MEU campus for the June Graduation.

On August 30th, twelve more graduates, this time from the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology, received their diplomas with nine graduating with a BA in Theology and three with an MA in Islamic Studies.

“Last weekend’s graduation ceremonies were a time that brought me personally overwhelming joy and satisfaction. When I looked at the graduates that marched across that stage on Sunday, several of those were individuals with whom I had had conversations within and beyond the premises of the campus, in class, in the hallways, after church. The reopened Theology program at MEU graduated its first students on campus. The sense of fulfillment was tangible in both faculty and graduates because each knows we’re all sharing in the same meaningful mission,” said Dr Leif Hongisto, University President, reflecting on the graduations

MEU fosters a Christ-centered and diverse learning community that prepares students with knowledge and skill for service in a challenging world of diversity and competition. We aim high, emphasizing high academic quality and deep spirituality, which are both needed to achieve skilled and genuine service. We have been encouraging all members of our learning community to realize their full potential, to live joyful lives, and to embrace a balanced lifestyle. This includes setting aside time for intellectual development, physical activity, social and cultural enrichment, and spiritual growth. Now more than ever, we confidently look towards what we hope to accomplish in the future with the grace of God.

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