Newbold Academic Press Publishes Third Book

61yEc642KnL._SL1500_As reported earlierNewbold College for Higher Education has decided to start a publishing venture: Newbold Academic Press (NAP). On June 18, NAP published its third volume written by dr. Bertil Wiklander.

Wiklander recently retired after serving 19 years as the president of the Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists. He trained as an Old Testament scholar and holds a doctorate from Upsala University in Sweden. His book is a complete, abbreviated, re-write of a study he wrote on behalf of the TED about the topic of the ordination, in particular, of women. The title is: Ordination Reconsidered: The Biblical Vision of Men and Women as Servants of God. The book is available at

Newbold Academic Press is managed by Manfred Lempke (Academic Dean). It intends to publish, on a regular basis, manuscripts of academic quality in the area of religious studies—in particular by professors on the Newbold staff. The first book with the NAP emblem is a Festschrift for a distinguished retiring Newbold professor:  Journeys to Wisdom: A Festschrift in Honour of Michael PearsonThe second publication is the dissertation of dr. Björn Ottesen, entitled Reaching Post-Christian Europeans.



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