Spes Christiana volume 32 issue 1, June 2021

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Spes Christiana

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Reinder Bruinsma
First Published June 2021; pp. 3-6


Second Journey

Michael Pearson
doi 10.17613/yaba-r551
First Published June 2021; pp. 7-26

Spiritualität als Beziehung:
Das Gott-Mensch-Verhältnis unter der Perspektive der Relational Models Theory

Philip Nern
doi 10.17613/qsra-5e07
First Published June 2021; pp. 27-60

Emerging Church and Seventh-day Adventist Spirituality

Peter Roennfeldt
doi 10.17613/p21t-pp66
First Published June 2021; pp. 61-86

Adventism, Postmodernity and Spirituality

Reinder Bruinsma
doi 10.17613/5jcv-q078
First Published June 2021; pp. 87-112

What Do You Do When Your Prophet Dies?
Abigail, the Medium of Endor and the Raising of Samuel

Laurence A. Turner
doi 10.17613/kd16-6t55
First Published June 2021; pp. 113-136

Kunstfehler Spiritualität

Andreas Bochmann
doi 10.17613/6zk1-f843
First Published June 2021; pp. 137-152

Book Reviews

Is God Colour-Blind? Insights from Black Theology for Christian Faith and Ministry (Second edition)
Anthony G. Reddie.
London: SPCK , 2020. 152pp.

Trust and Doubt: Perceptions of Divine Inspiration in Seventh-day Adventist History
Denis Kaiser.
St. Peter am Hart: Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen, 2019. 453pp.

Ellen G. White: A Psychobiography
Steve Daily.
Conneaut Lake: Page Publishing, 2020.

Bavinck: A Critical Biography
James Eglinton.
Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2020. 450 pp.

The Doctrine of God: Introducing the Big Questions
John C. Peckham.
London: T&T Clark, 2020. 262 pp.

Genesis: Seventh-day Adventist International Bible Commentary
Jacques B. Doukhan.
Nampa: Pacific Press, 2016. 544 pp.

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