Spes Christiana volume 32 issue 2, December 2021

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Spes Christiana 32.2

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Reinder Bruinsma
First Published December 2021; pp. 3-6


The Art of Remembering:
It Matters how We Tell the Sabbath Story

Mathilde Frey
doi 10.17613/3hbd-1142
First Published December 2021; pp. 7-23

A Search for the Biblical Epistemic Horizon:
Towards Meta-Hermeneutics

Gunnar Pedersen and Ján Barna
doi 10.17613/890d-ka98
First Published December 2021; pp. 23-44

Reading Creation and Judgment Motifs in the Three Angels’ Message (Rev. 14:6–12):
In Quest for a Theological Link

Laszlo Gallusz
doi 10.17613/0k4a-5b70
First Published December 2021; pp. 45-70

Two Separate Eschatological Resurrection Events:
One for the Righteous and Another for the Wicked

Jan A. Sigvartsen
doi 10.17613/cjk7-7p67
First Published December 2021; pp. 71-106

Adventist Orthodoxy Codified:
The Fundamental Beliefs of 1931

Stefan Höschele
doi 10.17613/6gcm-z389
First Published December 2021; pp. 113-136

Book Reviews

Contours of European Adventism: Issues in the History of the Denomination on the Old Continent
Stefan Höschele and Chigemezi N. Wogu, eds.
Friedensau: Theologische Hochschule Friedensau, 2020. 398 pp.

Ecotheology: A Christian Conversation
Kiara A. Jorgenson and Alan G. Padgett, eds.
Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2020. 240 pp.

Christian Socialism: The Promise of an Almost Forgotten Tradition
Philip Turner
Eugene: Cascade Books, 2021. 216 pp.

A Passion for Mission
David J.B. Trim
Binfield, UK: Newbold Academic Press, 2019. 461 pp.

Biblical Hermeneutics: An Adventist Approach
Frank M. Hasel
Silver Spring: Biblical Research Institute/Review and Herald Academic, 2020. 488 pp.

Divine Attributes: Knowing the Covenantal God of Scripture
John C. Peckham
Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2021. 322 pp.

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